Wellness Coaching

30 Day Coaching Package:

“One Month, One Goal: Coaching for “Exactly You, Exactly Where You Are!”

What: Coaching support for you on the phone or Skype or Facetime. You pick the goal that you want to focus on for that month – I help with that part by using S.M.A.R.T goals & implementation per my expertise in fitness & food & behavior.

When: The same 30-40 minute time slot for FOUR times -in a month- on a Monday or a Tuesday every week for ONE month.

Where: You be anywhere in the world.

How: You send me an email at dgaylordcoach@gmail.com, and your best time slot for a Monday or a Tuesday, and I will see if I can get that time or as close as possible. I will send you a paypal link. You start thinking of what you really want different.

Who: Someone who wants an easy jump start into something you really want to change in 30 days/ 60 days/ 90 days, and who wants support to make it happen.

After working with people for over 30 years during times of transformation, I have come to believe that “support during change” is essential. No matter how small or large the circumstances of change are, support can provide the strength and backdrop necessary for growth. I was trained in the art of Co-Active Coaching, at the international school of The Coaches Training Institute. The school of Co-Active Coaching, believes that you have your own best answers, that all of us are indeed creative/resourceful and whole, and do not need “fixing.”

A skilled coach will help mirror your actions with words, and ask the questions you need to answer, in order to clearly help you choose your next right pathway. Transformation, physical and otherwise, inside and out, can be the result of working along side a skilled coach.

I believe that leading your life starts, with leading your body. Because I am also a Personal Trainer, I will constantly be keeping the health of your body as an important goal-no matter what your desire in life is. I can help you to the place of “I GOT THIS!”

Packages for individuals or companies are priced at: 1 month, 3 months or 12 months.